Adult cardiac surgery

Dr Joe Helou is a board certified surgeon at the Centre Hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal (the CHUM).

His extensive experience, meticulous surgical techniques and outstanding results has made him a leading cardiac surgeon and an expert in his field.

His warm and caring approach is cherished by his patients and sets an example for his many trainees.

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Medicolegal expertise

Dr Helou has acted as an expert in the field of cardiac surgery in many medico-legal cases.

He examines the cases for their merit and is prepared to put his opinions in writing and even defend them in a court of Law. He is extremely meticulous in analyzing the facts of the case and gives an unbiased opinion to the court based on medical science and his own personal extensive experience.

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Second opinion

Would you like to have a second opinion ?

Dr Helou will examine your file and provide you with a thorough and scientifically supported second opinion, all in a timely period and free of charge.

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Since 1993

Our Philosophy

The patient's well being is Dr Helou's primary concern.

"I cherish the trust my patients and their families put in me by choosing me as their surgeon".

He is driven to giving his patients all the attention they need and the best care possible. He will accompany them every step of the way, providing them all the support needed during what is a trying and difficult period of their lives.  Dr Helou provides a customized and personalized approach to every one of his patients. He will answer all their questions, attend to all their worries and every concern and give them regular updates on their progress.

"We will all be eventually in our patients place. So patients are like family to me"

Dr. Helou is committed to providing his patients excellent short and long-term results. He has a well established and excellent track record. He is driven not to sit on his laurels but to thrive to even better results by a rigourous quality control.

This is what sets him apart from other surgeons in his field.


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